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Deirdre Parkinson

Clean Space, Clear Mind: Tips to Organise the Small Business Work Space.

Posted by Deirdre Parkinson on Feb 6, 2018 11:23:21 AM


Spring has most definitely sprung (in between the sleet and snow showers!). We’ve firmly slammed the door shut on January and the daffodils are already pushing through to add a dash of colour to early 2018. This could be the perfect time to take stock of your work space and see if becoming a little more organised can kick-start some creativity. Here are our four top tips for creating a more enjoyable and productive work day.

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Microfinance means 'Fair Finance for All'

Posted by Deirdre Parkinson on Oct 11, 2017 3:33:56 PM

 European Microfinance Day, -  October 20th 2017.  

 ‘FAIR FINANCE FOR ALL’  is all about raising awareness about the value of the microfinance sector in supporting individuals and small businesses that may for one reason or another, be excluded from the traditional financial sector.

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